KC Design is an artist-driven business founded by Kate Cledwyn, creating wallpapers, fabrics, cushions and wall art for residential and commercial use. 

Detailed ephemeral images are captured through photography and immortalised into contemporary patterns and textures. The style is organic as the outcome of each work  is fluid. Images emerge like  patterns through a kaleidoscope rather than being forced in to existence.  

Our designs highlight the minutiae of  everyday visual images. Only on close inspection is the source of the subject revealed. The details expose shapes and colours in the structure of natural and man made things which we use  to create our range of products.  A splash of a wave;  jewelled pebbles on the bed of a lake;  clinging moss on aged limestone become wallpapers, fabrics and more to add depth of atmosphere and personality to a space. 

The approach to each design is spontaneous, the outcomes create stimulating, tranquil and ethereal results. 

We have built up a library of work capturing natural and man made environments. A dawn walk on new years day evokes serenity and invites peaceful thought. A bustling day in the city catches a breath when the light reflects perfectly on an angle of a building. Our work shares these moments in time to create original pieces that others might relate to and appreciate.

"The details are not the details. They make the design." - Charles Eames