5 Tips For Styling Cushions


There’s no doubt that cushions transform a sofa from something we sit on to something that we are happy to stare at and admire. They’re an easy way to add some character to a room. But with so many colours, sizes and textures available – how do we choose which ones would look best in our home? 

Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier when you know some cushion styling tips and tricks. After making cushions a part of the KC Design.London product range, we are gaining that knowledge and we’re happy to share. Follow our advice and your sofa will feel so much more sumptious, trust us.


1)      Work out the colour palette of your room

Often living rooms are full of lots of colours and patterns. The colour of your walls, the patterns on your curtains, the artwork hanging on your wall, as well as any coffee tables, vases, china or any other trinkets... these all add colour and texture to your room. Quite often there is a whole lot going on in a living room and things can feel very busy and mis-matched. Selecting your cushions based on the colours that already exist in your living room can subtly pull together all the busyness in the room and help the existing colours to complement each other, rather than work against each other.


So how do you select a colour palette from all the objects in a room? The best way to do this is to sit in the middle of your room with your laptop in hand. Have a good look around and try to identify 2 - 3 colours that meet these criteria:

The colour should exist in some other element in your room - it could be your curtains, a painting on the wall or a vase on a coffee table; and

They must complement each other - this is the most important criteria. Don't choose three really loud and bright cushions. They must look really good together, all on their own.

Take some time over your decision because these colours will inform your cushion selection and will ultimately be the glue that pulls your living room colours together.

Open your laptop and navigate to a colour picker website. Screen grab the colours that best match your palette so you have a reference point when shopping.


Screen grab the colours that best match your palette so you have a reference point when shopping.


2)       Think about the vibe of the room

Is your living room a place for socialising and entertaining? Or is it somewhere you go to chill out and escape the world? Is there a dreamy, ethereal vibe or is it modern and sleek? All these things will determine the print of your cushion.

KCDesign.London cushions all feature a unique print, which captures a moment in time. You’ll easily be able to find ones that fit in with a colour palette and complement each other,  but make sure that the images portrayed in the cushions fit a similar theme. For example, the KC Design.London Cactusphere and the Wild Puffs prints go well together because they both depict nature and the same applies to the cushions that depict marine scenes. If you like to be in a garden and wish you were outside more then choosing cushions that feature prints of nature will give you the feeling of the fresh outdoors. If you’re a sun worshipper then the prints of the sea will transport you to your favourite beach, whatever the weather.


3)  How big is your sofa?

An odd number of cushions feels more relaxed than an even, symmetrical number. Most sofas look best with 5 cushions – 2 standard rectangular cushions in a shade slightly darker than the colour of your sofa and then 2 or 3 cushions that feature your chosen colour palette.

This video from one of our favourite interior bloggers Sarah Akwisombe describes it well:

4)      Have you got something attention grabbing?

It’s good to have an odd cushion in an arrangement. Something in a different shape (think round or smaller than the rest), or maybe a textured number in faux fur or velvet. The KCDesign.London cushions come in 60x60 and 45x45 and will soon be printed on velvet – helping you to create an attention-grabbing cushion arrangement


5)      Layer

There are no hard and fast rules about how to display cushions but they look better when they touch each other. This means you could display them in the corner, covering the entire sofa but leaving room to sit or just a few in the middle. But whatever you decide, remember that arrangement is all about layering. Start with the larger cushions at the back, working to the smaller ones to the front


We hope this helps! If you feel like we’re missing something, please get in touch on Instagram or Twitter - @KateCledwyn.

Pay close attention to Instagram as we’ll soon be announcing details of an upcoming  flash sale on the 60 x 60 KC Design.London cushions. You’ll need to get in there quickly before they sell out!