Traditional vs modern architecture in London. Where do you stand?

Silver Shafts

Silver Shafts

Our Capital’s architecture is quite spectacular. The city is filled with many different architectural styles. London is continually growing and changing, building on its own past. There is an eclectic combination of modern and traditional architecture. Let’s start with the traditional..

From Westminster Abbey to St. Paul’s Cathedral, London has some awe-inspiring structures. Westminster Abbey is a classic example of Gothic architecture. Developments on this structure spanned from as early as the 11th century to 1745, and it’s still not over! The Abbey is due to be given an exterior turret with lift, designed by Ptolemy Dean, and this is expected to be unveiled later this year. St. Paul’s Cathedral is a Baroque style building that was designed by Wren. It was the tallest building in London until 1967. Seeing buildings in London like this is inspiring, they feel nothing short of regal. The elaborate yet bold architecture reminds us of the rich history of the city.

The more modern structures in London are just as impressive. Undoubtedly one of the best examples of London modern architecture is the iconic GLA Southwark (check my Instagram for my interpretation of this) constructed in 2002. It was designed by award-winning architect Norman Foster in a futuristic style. When designing this building, he took inspiration from his involvement in the renovation of the Reichstag in Berlin. It was actually designed to look as if it had been scooped out of “The Scoop” amphitheatre, which sits adjacent. Structures like these are also inspiring, but because they make you look to the future, rather than the past.

You take a look at The Shard and then at Tower Bridge, and they’re polar opposites, but both make a strong impression. Traditional vs modern architecture; where do you stand?

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